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Exhaustion is the Price

Another long day. From the moment I woke up to the remaining ten minutes of the night before I head to my sleep oasis (11:30PM).

Do I feel under appreciated sometimes at work? Yes.

Does it matter? No and yes.

My Drive? I look over at my son sleeping on the baby monitor and my wife watching a netflix movie and I think to myself: as long as I continue to push myself and better myself at work then the rewards will be there and those rewards will be used to keep getting food on that table and keeping my family healthy and happy.

All that matters in the end is family.

I feel like I have a responsibility to uphold as the “man” of the house. I realize what I just typed is old fashioned idealogy in today’s world but I feel that I have accomplished something whenever I see my family happy and healthy.

Alas it will soon be Thursday and this week will soon be over (Friday I am taking off — Sister is Graduating! Congratulations!). Thank the heavens it will be Memorial Day. I need some much appreciated R&R.

Good Night!

A challenge to Myself

I challenge myself to actally update my blog more than 3 times a year.

It is strange however that for a person such as myself that has so much to say go completely blank when faced with a empty blog entry or when a camera is faced upon me for Youtube. 

Lately I have seen three of the shows that I have watched for the past 3+ years end.  Completely End. Series Finales..and I’m sad/upset.frustrated.

I will detail each show and finale seperately later as the night is calling my name to rest my face on the pillow and visit neverland.


PS my wife just told me of some movie she watched today that the legendary John Stamos was in so the likelyhood of me dreaming about John Stamos tonight has increased. WTF

The boulevard is not that bad
The boulevard is not that bad

Now I’m so High

Whoa Whoa Whoa
Whoa Whoa Whoa

Hello Video Games

In 5 short months, I will be a father and a Day-​​One Xbox One Owner.

Just been getting this itch lately to play. I don’t know. I go through droughts where it seems nothing on the consoles or video game atmosphere interests me. Lately though it’s been itching me. The range of games vary.
Recently just got this amazing game “Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings” (Click for Review),

3 MORE Months till Summer


Beyond Ecstatic
Beyond Ecstatic

revis belichick GIF


The winter that will never end will present us with more snow tomorrow and then this weekend.

Snow Snow Snow.

I hate the white powdery stuff. Hate it. It’s cold. Makes your hands numb. You can’t eat ice cream properly outside. You can’t wear sandals! You can’t wear god dam shorts! You can’t even show the world your toes!

I hate snow.

P.S. Screw the Sochi Winter Olympics.



The Wolverine gave me Rabies

Tonight I finally watched “The Wolverine” and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I actually enjoyed it…

Am I becoming an old fart who suddenly enjoys action movies that don’t have much more of a plot?


I am Doomed.

Probably going to buy root beer, chew on some beef jerky, and watch Van Damme and Steven Seagal Movies now for the rest of my life.

What…What… (Not in the butt no no no we’re not going there.)


Why am I making the same mistake of looking forward to another XMen Movie coming out later this year?! Hasn’t history taught us yet that FOX is horrible in creating superhero films? Ah

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